Zoom Meeting Recap: Kristina Gasperas and Kasia Fortuna

For our latest Zoom meeting, we were joined by Kristina Gasperas and Kasia Fortuna from the Kristina Gasperas Academy. The duo are experts in wedding, special occasion and red-carpet hair, and their academy provides training and business advice for both seasoned and new wedding hairstylists.

They shared no end of amazing tips for taking great photos of your work, including how to find the perfect light, how to get the best angles and composition for clear, flattering photos. They also shared tips for getting your work noticed by brands, and how to achieve consistency on your social media.

As well as providing some fantastic advice, they also shared a discounted price for FHA members wishing to join their online academy.

As usual, you’ll find all the advice from the call summarised on the FHA Facebook group, where you’ll also find a recording of the session to rewatch and information about discounted access to the Kristina Gasperas Academy.

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