Introducing the latest Spring Summer Street Style Collection from INDOLA: Creative Confidence

Inspired by recent lifestyle changes, INDOLA have crafted this collection to inspire balance, authenticity, and self-care. The looks are stripped back to their essence, removing excess and emphasising what truly matters – they invite reflection, allowing one’s authentic self to shine through. Each hairstyle tells a story of resilience and self-discovery, celebrating the joy of life and the art of creative expression.

Discover the collection looks…


Emerald Texture is all about striking a balance between daring and casual. The haircut is tapered close to the nape with mini coils for added movement, creating a lived-in, organic feel. Splashes of neon green and lime yellow colour weave in a visually strong side parting. The look partners well with comfy blue shades in the outfit, adding a touch of serenity.

THE COLOUR: A global colour with earthy tones and an intense focus on the parting and top of head in lime green.

THE CUT & STYLE: A strong shaped haircut, short on the sides, longer on top keeping length to be able to pull out the curls in different directions with a strong parting.

Products Used: Craft this look with CREA-BOLD: Mix Turquoise Blue, Canary Yellow, and CARE & STYLE Colour Treatment for that perfect neon green. Enhance with a hint of Teal Green for a vibrant lime finish.

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Evoking the mystique of a twilight sky, the Smoky Edge swirls together soft grey and deep charcoal tones. Its sleek bob cut with an asymmetrical fringe and reflective fashion choices offer a moment of quiet contemplation in a world of noise. This look is a tribute to those who dare to express their introspective, confident selves.

THE COLOUR: An asymmetric colour placement from the fringe to the top of the head, toned with different shades of grey, combined with a global cool brown base colour.

THE CUT & STYLE: A chin length bob with broken edges and a short fringe.

PRODUCTS USED: Achieve the Smoky Edge allure with our tailored CREA-MIX shades. Dive into a world of bespoke greys.

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Embodying a gentle masculinity, this look introduces relaxing blonde tones and tousled waves. Paired with a casual, boho-inspired outfit, it resonates with a calm demeanour and free spirit. This style embodies the serenity of a late summer’s dusk.

THE COLOUR: Sun-kissed cool blonde with some darker pieces to create more dimension.

THE CUT & STYLE: A layered haircut with shorter areas in the back and on the sides. Long on top of the head and front.

PRODUCTS USED: A care-free blend of balayage using BLONDE EXPERT and darker roots using PCC 6.11 with COLOR TRANSFORMER that channels that rebel-surfer spirit.

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A rich brown base layered with intense dark violet and pastel blue highlights presents a pause for the unconventional. The cut, a blend of longer sections contrasted with short internal layers, enhances a unique persona. Coupled with a striking, eclectic outfit, this look is a nod to creative confidence and reflective moods.

THE COLOUR: A dark violet / brown global colour with irregular lighter pieces highlighting the longer part of the haircut, toned with violet and light pastel blue.

THE CUT & STYLE: An extremely layered hair cut with longer sections on the sides and in the back with short internal layers.

PRODUCTS USED: Conjure this enchanting look with CREA-BOLD: Pastel Lavender and Bright Red with Indigo Blue for deep violet-brown shades punctuated with pastel blue highlights.

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Rich in striking red shades, the Ruby Flash brings out vivid placements that shine brightest on the top of the head. The cut, a smooth and soft silhouette, seamlessly combines elegance with simplicity. When paired with a rock-chic ensemble, the entire look becomes a captivating blend of boldness and style. It’s truly tailored for those who don’t just step into a room but illuminate it.

THE COLOUR: Different shades of red with intense red reflections on the top of the head.

THE CUT & STYLE: A soft, one length haircut, no layers with a slight rounded shape towards the front.

PRODUCTS USED: Unlock the Ruby Flash with our PCC 6.66x for a standout intense red transformation, and for a quick at-home refreshes, use COLOR STYLE MOUSSE Red!

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INDOLA’s Street Style Collection offers not just hairstyles but a canvas for self-expression and confidence. With each look, professionals can weave stories of resilience and creativity, inviting clients into a world of vibrant possibilities. Join INDOLA with this collection and be inspired towards a healthier, happier self!

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