What FHA Members Say…

The Freelance Hairdressers’ Association exists for its members. The FHA Team, Regional Reps and our members work together to keep the organisation relevant and respected as the freelance industry’s authority.

Here’s what some of our members have to say about the FHA.

Jan Peace

“I first went freelance in 1981. At that time the FHA didn’t exist. I was very difficult as colour companies would not let a freelance hairdresser have their shade charts there was not community that the FHA offers and there was not the affordable courses we now get with the FHA so consequently I became very out of date. By 1989 I had my second child and stopped hairdressing until 1997. I went into a salon at first and got my confidence back and brushed up on a few skills. Always hankered to be freelance again and in 1999 I did. Cannot remember when I first came across the FHA it was known by another name at that time but it has always been Sheila at the helm. The FHA has certainly been my lifeline with the technical helpline which has certainly saved my bacon a few times. The friendly girls in the office always so cheery ready to help with any queries. The amazing courses that have developed me to be a far better hairdresser than if I had stayed in a salon. The camaraderie whenever we get together as a collective. Our regional groups which are run by amazing people giving up their own time. With the Facebook staff room chat I never feel alone. Sorry if I have gone on a bit but the FHA is invaluable.”

There are so many reasons to become part of this very exclusive community as members tell us and in particular our virtual Staff Room (FHA private Facebook group) is a life saver!

Suzanne Hale

“A passionate team for passionate professionals. A great way of staying connected and personal development.”


Louisa Dumbrell

“Feels like your part of a salon. Fully supported, professional. Staff room chat not only helps with any issues. I have learned loads too.”


Jacqui Byrne

“Salon life a click away, great fun and lots and lots of advice and support. No better place than the FHA.”


Liz Bell

“I love knowing advice is only a click away.”


Michelle Stimson

“It’s great having a virtual staff room, feeling that although you mainly work alone & out in the community, you’re not on your own. Although I’ve not managed to take advantage of the courses on offer due to distance & confidence, I still feel I gain in knowledge from other members. It’s brilliant having people to bounce ideas off, get issues off your chest or moreover to support & nurture you along the way!”


Sarah Hayes

“It’s a good group to bounce ideas and problems off each other, love the chat room, and the cheaper courses.”

Heather King

“Being able to go it alone but still having the benefits of being in a salon. Staff room chat is the best thing for me as I haven’t been able to make it to a lot of the training lately as I babysit my granddaughters when I’m not working!”


Susan Adamson

“Knowledge is power !!!! Learning, keeping up to date, great friendships made, a chat room to get help almost straight away.”


Lisa Curtis

“It takes away the feeling of being isolated. The staff chatroom has given me confidence in areas of hairdressing I would find a challenge, by receiving support and advice from others. I don’t know what I would do without the staff chat room now.”


Renee Jacobs Riley

“You always feel part of a team. FHA keeps us driven in not only our passion, but what every time of day we need a second opinion or a little pick me up. You are not only just a click away, but a phone call too. You help us stand out as freelancers in the industry for what FHA represents. Learning different tricks and techniques from others. Plus, it keeps us up on new trends and looks. Love. Love, love, love this extended hairdressing family.”


Beverley Perkins

“Surrey group, coffee mornings and training. Perfect.”