FHA Membership includes PL Insurance

Join the FHA

Join today and you will become part of a community of professional freelance hairdressers that offers support and friendship to each other.

You will have access to many benefits that will enable you to grow your business and develop your technical skills. We also include bespoke public liability insurance as part of the membership subscription.*

Membership is subject to meeting specific criteria and you will need to provide copies of your qualifications to a minimum standard of NVQ Level 2 or equivalent. On completion of your application you will be immediately covered by the FHA insurance. You will receive a welcome email explaining the final steps required to approve your membership and ensure your insurance cover remains valid.

*If your current insurance is still valid at time of joining you must give details of the policy along with the expiry date. When your policy expires you must notify us to activate the FHA insurance. Failure to do this means you will not be covered. If you prefer to keep your current provider, please update the office when existing policy is renewed.

Annual Membership

Membership is renewable on an an annual basis and can be paid in full or on a monthly basis. Applications for membership will only be accepted if you meet the strict FHA membership criteria as below:

FHA Membership Criteria

Applicant must prove qualification to minimum standard NVQ Level 2 or equivalent.

Please note that copies of qualifications will be required to validate an application. If you have misplaced your certificates we will accept a letter of competency. A copy of this will be sent to you on joining. 

Applicant must have valid PL insurance which is included with membership OR provide details of current insurance.

Annual Membership
Monthly Payment

£40 Joining Fee + £13.50 First Month’s Payment = £53.50
£13.50 per month (Minimum of 12 months)
Collected monthly by Direct Debit

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Annual Membership
Single Payment

£135 per year
No joining Fee
Renewal by Direct Debit

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If you would like to see how membership and insurance with the FHA is extremely beneficial to you visit our Member Benefits page by clicking here.