Statement on Coronavirus

We understand the challenges and disruptions you are faced with due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Whilst we are all concerned with our own health and that of those around us, the implications for our businesses is also an area of concern.

As you will be aware the situation is constantly changing, so for the latest health advice we suggest you follow the guidelines issued by the NHS. A link can be found here:

A number of members have expressed their concerns about the impact this will have on their business; particularly loss of earnings through clients cancelling appointments or contracting the virus. This seems to be an unavoidable consequence of the situation and makes this a very challenging time for us all.

The UK Government is increasing support to those affected by COVID-19 which includes changes to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) that you may be eligible to claim for. Eligibility will depend on your individual circumstances, therefore we suggest you contact the Universal Credit Helpline on: 0800 3285644 (choose option 2) Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. Further information can be found here:

These are undoubtedly challenging times and the FHA, together with the wider membership are here to provide support for one another throughout this period.

For further information on protecting yourself and your clients click here.

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Freelance Hairdressers Association (FHA) exists to ensure that professional freelance operators are represented within the industry and that their contribution to the sector is recognised. The FHA seeks to maintain standards within the industry, promote training and personal development. You may work alone but you don’t have to be on your own. Membership brings you into a unique community of like-minded people who share experiences, give support and friendship to one another.

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FHA Freelance Awards 2020

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Entry for the FHA Freelance Awards 2020 are now open to all! The categories this year are: Colourist of the Year, Ladies Stylist of the Year, Bridal Stylist of the Year, Prom & Party Stylist of the Year and Creative Stylist of the Year, something for everyone.

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