Picking the brains of FHA founder

Our FHA founder, Sheila Abrahams, is the fountain of all knowledge when it comes to freelance hairdressers. Her passion and commitment to the Freelance Hairdressing Association makes her the best person to ask when it comes to deciding career options. So here we go…

How can you feel part of a community as a freelance hairdresser?
Working solo can be a very lonely experience and you do miss being able to bounce ideas off of your colleagues. There are many Facebook groups to be found including, the FHA virtual staff room Facebook group. This is closed so members can talk to each other in complete confidence, knowing their conversations are private. Confidences are shared, colour problems solved by top technicians, and there is lots of group support. Although you work alone you do not have to be alone.

How much time and money should freelancers invest in education and training?
I recommend committing as much time as you can spare and as much money as you can afford. Education and training is a business expense and tax deductible, and money should be put aside so that you can attend courses regularly. Three times a year as a minimum I would say.

Where do freelancers order their stock?
Stock can be purchased from all hairdressing wholesalers, however, I suggest ordering from wherever works best for the individual. Online, by phone or going into the store. It is advisable to work with top brands and always professional products.

“Discounted shopping is available with FHA membership.”

And what about annual leave – how much?
When you set up or review your business, holiday breaks should be planned into your work schedule. You are your own boss so you can have as much or as little time off as suits your lifestyle. You may find it easier to take several short breaks so that your clients are not disrupted too much and ensure your prices are set correctly to cover for when you are not earning. The FHA has a complementary course that helps you plan your business and set your prices and give you direction.

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