A day at Andrew Barton’s Headmasters Mayfair Salon

FHA member, Evelyn Simpson was the lucky winner of an Andrew Barton experience at Inspire! 2019. Here’s what she had to say about her day with the celebrity hairdresser…

“I have just had a great day at Andrew’s ‘Headmasters Mayfair’ salon in London. I was lucky to win this at Inspire !2019 in June and have been looking forward to the experience.

“It was truly inspirational and educating just watching other hairdressers at work. The staff were so welcoming and I felt at home instantly.
Andrew was working (to his usual high standard), and I really loved his work. Luke was colouring his model for a photoshoot later that day.The colours were wonderful, let’s hope we see his work in January’s HJ, when he wins an award.

“It was a busy Friday and the Salon was working like clockwork, happy clients and staff. I also got to meet Ruby, Andrew’s dog – I think we bonded!

“Thank you freelance, Andrew and all his staff, and of course Ruby for making this a memorable day.”

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