Introducing INNOluxe V3: Repair You’ll Really Notice

Introducing INNOluxe V3: repair you’ll really notice.

The new V3 range rebuilds hair so it looks, feels, and really is healthy – inside and out.

V3’s Advanced AminoBond Technology creates a super-strong network of sulphur bonds, and a conditioning shield that protects every strand. The result? Hair that’s STRONGER, SOFTER and SHINIER!

Add ReBond V3 to colour to kick off the bond-building, or swap in Foam V3 for a standalone treat. Follow up with Balance Plus V3 to complete the repair, feeding the hair with amino acids and extra proteins. Round the service off with Elixir V3, our incredible leave-in treatment and prep cream.

Don’t get left behind – try V3 today and move with the times.

Learn more about INNOluxe here!

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