Zoom Meeting Recap: Debbie G

Debbie G’s Training Advice

Hairdressing mentor, educator and all-round industry expert, Debbie G, was a recent guest in the Freelance Hairdressers’ Assocation Zoom weekly chat.

Amongst Debbie’s useful information was some guidance for dealing with overwhelm – something which we’re all sure to be facing when we get back to work and things get busy. Debbie suggested one way to help is to schedule tasks into our day. If they’re big tasks, break them down into smaller goals and write lists. If your lists are long, use different coloured pens to prioritise:

Red pen – urgent

Orange pen – research and set goals

Green pen – can wait but set the date to review

For the full recording and notes from the Debbie G session, visit the members’ only FHA Staff Room Chat on Facebook.

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