Brilliant Bursary Course

Our member Zowie Sells went to the new Wella World Studio in London on 9th November 2016. Her message shows how valuable these days are.

“On Wednesday I arrived at the Wella Mastercraft Lightning course. I have been looking forward to this course since I was lucky enough to win a bursary for it with the FHA in April. Julie Dowen was our educator, and what an educator she is. The day was packed out with so much advice and hands on training with Magma, Illumina, KP, semis, toners, tints and Freelights. I had never used Magma before and was amazed at what it can achieve. We went right back to basics with the colour wheel and lightning curve and not once did Julie make me feel silly for asking questions about colouring that I’d forgotten about. We had a hands-on workshop practicing on models, training heads and colour swatches and all at the new Wella Academy in Trafalgar Square with a lovely group of fellow professionals for a superb day.

Thank you Julie Dowen and thank you Sheila for making it such an educating experience.”

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