The Season Sensation Really Was Sensational!

A Review of the 2016 Season Sensation event by FHA member Katie Zapletal

FHA Season Sensations, the sequel to ‘Inspire!’ in the FHA yearly calendar; a tasty dessert to complete the educational banquet we have come to relish from our fabulous organisation.
Sponsored by Indola, with Shane as the host, and starring not only the wonderful Debbie G, but also some of the very talented team from Billi Currie Salon, we were treated to a fabulously intimate day that you really would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else!

At the Hampshire Court Hotel, the morning began with refreshments and some lovely gifts of new products to try from Indola, before we took our seats to enjoy the day. Enter stage right Debbie, who has a naturally effortless style, which immediately makes you feel comfortable and before you know it you have learned something without even realising! Debbie began by sharing her inspirations and current trends and we were then treated to on-stage demonstrations of haircuts which Debbie executed fabulously, making them look simple – looks that could easily be translated to be used on our own clients, with tips and tricks to take away. Then the supporting cast arrived in the form of Mimi, one of the incredibly talented stylists from Billi Currie salon who had recently won an award at the “Hairclub Live” event for creative styling. Mimi shared a pincurl technique for curly hair which was later unveiled and looked stunning.

Before we knew it, lunch was being served and it was delicious! A chance to chat with each other and exchange worries, thoughts, and advice; as Sheila would say the “gas factor”, an invaluable opportunity for all of us working as freelancers to network and reaffirm.

Then, forget the post-lunch dip, no fear of that – we were whipped back up for an effervescent injection of motivation from Julie Eldrett, who shared her passion for customer care and how we could tap into our natural communication abilities to maximise the client experience. We could have gone on for hours!

The finale came with Debbie returning to show us some presentation models which had formed part of a collection that Debbie had created, and looked amazing. Last but not least Mimi returned to recreate for us her prize-winning look from Hairclub Live (how lucky were we) and she also explained the concept and research which went into deciding the final look on the night. All too soon the show was over with a final line-up of all the models, and photo opportunities which left us all shouting “encore!” A jam-packed day.

I have been to a number of hair-shows over the years and of course they all offer something different. Being part of the FHA and having access to the kind of bespoke opportunities we have is, in my opinion, one of the most valuable benefits that we have as members. We are privileged to spend time with industry icons in such an up-close and personal way and for a fraction of the cost that it would usually be. If you haven’t already taken advantage of this benefit then I urge you to do it. I can guarantee you won’t regret it. If we don’t support our organisation, it may not be there in the future to support us – you don’t know what you’ve got ’till its gone!

Thank you Sheila and FHA for another great opportunity… me in for next year!

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