Keeping Up Your Training

Keeping up your training!

Where are we going next?

Lockdown has changed many things, brought new possibilities – and our future is looking bright. Zoom meetings have created so many new opportunities, especially for training. It doesn’t matter where you live – jump into a Zoom meeting and you can join in.

The FHA is now planning training online through the magic of Zoom. We can do ‘watch and learn’, and if you have a dolly head and stand we can also take you ‘step by step’ through haircuts, colour techniques, hair ups… the possibilities are endless. No cost of travel, no time wasted; it’s a no brainer.

You will never beat hands on training with a tutor, however, Zoom is definitely the way to go for the next little while.

We are making plans to bring you exclusive training opportunities over the coming months and have started talking to Debbie G, Carolyn Newman, Edward Hemmings, John Huscroft and Wella… and that’s just for starters.

We will let you get your businesses up and running, and in a few months’ time we will have a very affordable training programme set up for you. Watch this space for updates!

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