Freelance Hairdressers Association and Indola Pioneer Days: A Spectacular Showcase of Hairdressing Excellence

Freelance Hairdressers Association and Indola Pioneer Days: A Spectacular Showcase of Hairdressing Excellence

The Freelance Hairdressers Association, in collaboration with Indola celebrated a fantastic series of FHA Pioneer days this year, featuring live hair colouring and cutting demonstrations, education and exclusive insights from Indola’s UK Ambassadors, Andy and Abbey Smith. The three day series culminated with a live photo shoot experience, showcasing a collection of hairstyles created by the freelance hairdresser pioneers, mentored by Andy and Abbey.

The Pioneer Days took place over three action-packed days across the year, bringing together the Freelance Hairdressers Association’s regional reps to push the boundaries of their craft and then pass down any brand and product knowledge learnt to other FHA members. Attendees had the unique opportunity to witness live hair transformations and masterclasses from Indola, providing invaluable insights and education.

Live Hair Colouring and Cutting Demonstrations: the first session was a deep dive into the brand, the newly relaunched colour line PCC and the versatility of the range. Indola ambassadors Andy and Abbey Smith showcased three different hair looks on three different models demonstrating the latest trends and innovative approaches to hair colouring and cutting, inspiring attendees to take their skills to the next level.

Education and Techniques: The second session was a more hands on approach where the FHA attendees took the skills and product knowledge learnt in the first session and put them in to practise. Andy and Abbey Smith showcased a live model look again and then the pioneers worked on their own individual training heads to try something new, whether that was a new colour application or cutting technique.

Live Photo Shoot Experience: The Pioneer days for 2023 ended with a live photo shoot experience. Featuring live models, the group split in to three groups to work together on creating a hair styling look, working with and learning about the Indola care and styling range. The photo shoot experience was elevated by a makeup artist, stylist, and photographer so the FHA Pioneers had the opportunity to capture their own hair collection imagery. Finishing for 2023, the FHA Pioneers with invaluable brand knowledge, new colouring an cutting techniques and a lasting portfolio of their extraordinary work.

“Being part of the Indola Pioneer program was an incredible opportunity. We not only gained valuable knowledge independently but also experienced the power of teamwork. Abbey showed how simplifying colour placement can be more effective, and Andy’s cutting techniques gave us the ability to be more versatile. Being able to take these skills back to our own clients brings a new unique and personalized touch to our services, keeping us on trend with our ever growing clientele. We thank the Indola team for sharing time, skills and knowledge with the FHA and here’s to continued success and creativity in our journey as Indola Pioneer’s in our own businesses.” Renee Riley, FHA member and Pioneer.

“This was the most exciting opportunity exclusively for FHA members. The group gelled together as a team and stepping outside of their comfort zone travelled on a very special journey. Andy and Abbey shared so much valuable knowledge and experience which culminated in producing beautiful images to be used in members portfolios. It’s not often such opportunities come along and our thanks go to Indola and the best news is there is another chance to be a pioneer in 2024!” Sheila Abrahams, Founder of the FHA.

Stay tuned for details on the 2024 FHA Pioneer programme with Indola and how you can be involved.

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