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Help with GDPR

During the current Coronavirus lockdown, Jo Irving joined us in a live broadcast. She mentioned GDPR and was happy to share her information. We have put the guide for GDPR and her template for terms here for you to download.

Please note these instructions from Jo: “Please read through in full and amend details in the template as directed. You MUST agree to the terms themselves before adding and make sure that you are using the data in the correct way. There’s no point in using this unless you are actually going to follow the rules and change the way you store data, as that would still be illegal.”

Download Jo Irving’s documents:  Privacy Policy Template  |  Guide to GDPR

Members have also developed their own GDPR documents which they are happy to share and you can download them from here.

NOTE: Please be aware these documents are purely the work of an FHA member/s and not an official FHA document.

Link to GDPR advice shared by member Sarah Dawes:

Click here for GDPR advice shared by member Sam Toogood

This GDPR Client Consultation Consent form has been created by FHA member Sarah Ellis. She has passed it to us for sharing as she felt it may be useful to members. Please note this is not the work of the FHA.