As Redken continues to evolve our Hairdressers United initiative, we’re excited to share some updates!

This year, we have partnered with It Gets Better UK, an organisation that exists to inspire, uplift and empower LGBTQIA+ youth. Together, we are striving for an inclusive environment where stylists and clients can feel safe, authentic and empowered in the salon with the launch of a Safe Space Course on Access. Hairdressers have the power not only to transform hair, but also to transform how people feel about themselves and empower them on their journey to self-expression. At Redken, we believe that everyone should feel safe in a hairdresser’s chair as their authentic selves, free to show up as they are, express themselves fully, and showcase their uniqueness through their own interpretation of beauty.

The free, virtual learning is available to all salons and stylists and consists of 6 video modules that cover intersectional topics such as; LGBTQIA+ fundamentals, Physical safe space, Building trust with LGBTQIA+ clients Intersectionality of race & LGBTQIA+ identities, Gender-free pricing and Client consultations. Upon completing the course and quiz, hairdressers receive “Safe Space Educated” certification and mirror sticker to help people navigate their way into those safe spaces.

The learning is now available for all salons and stylists on L’Oréal Access. Be sure to tune in!

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