INDOLA’s Street Style Collection introduces two new looks just in time for Winter

INDOLA continues their Nomad Cultures journey with their latest Winter drop of their A/W 22 Street Style Collection. As winter arrives it brings with it nostalgic memories of travel. Where countries and cultures inspire one another, celebrating local traditions in a very modern and cosmopolitan way, influencing our collection of hair colours and hairstyles.

The Artisan Craft

This multi-dimensional classy blonde look comes to life with different hues of pastel blondes. Discover the subtle styling variations of the Artisan Craft created through a mix of texture, microbraid details and a rough fishtail. The warm and cosy checked skirt together with chic boots add spice to the look.

Commenting on the look, INDOLA Global Ambassador Andy Smith says, “This look is all about having fun. The soft, feathered razor cutting techniques helped to create soft edges and loose internal textures. I then added details in the hair with microbraids and fishtails mixed together to add interest and reduce the weight behind the ears. You could create this look with both wavy and straight locks and add a fishtail to add spice to the look.”

The Rusty Texture

A genderless overgrown crop that is cut in three tiers and styled with natural disruptive waves. The creative placement and application of different rusty colours supports the texture of this feathered copper look.

Commenting on this look, INDOLA Global Ambassador Andy Smith says, “For the Rusty texture, we removed a lot of hair however still wanted the look to have that grown out short crop vibe. I worked with three tiers, a level at the fringe, a level at the ears and a level at the back of the head. The three tiers then layered the short haircut to give that grown out look but with texture and character, keeping it modern and fresh.”

The mood surrounding this new collection plays on two Artisan girls travelling the world and the looks reflect their travels and vibe with the broken edges and braids on the Artisan Craft and the outgrown crop with The Rusty Texture.

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