Discover the latest Autumn Street Style Collection

Discover INDOLA’s latest Street Style Collection with two brand NEW Looks just in time for the Autumn season…

Autumn is just around the corner with its beautiful selection of brown, red and orange tones, evoking a mood of change and perhaps travel. The two new looks from INDOLA for Autumn 2022 – The Disruptive Red and The Feathered Pixie – will channel your inner nomad and transport you to another place. Inspired by cultural roots and folklore these looks will bring out the nomad in your clients.

The Disruptive Red

Discover how the balayage effect of this red medium-long freehand cut makes this haircut the perfect look for Autumn. A medium-long freehand cut with a strong rounded shape and a lot of graduation. The haircut has a flat top of the head and a lot of disruptive texture around it. A patchwork tank top in autumn colours and a perfectly complementing brown leather skirt is the perfect look for a nomad lifestyle.

The Feathered Pixie  

This youthful, energetic, very short crop makes this haircut a perfect match for a nomad lifestyle. The cropped fringe and the strong broken edges add playful details to the look. The boldness of the cut is intensified by the strong cool brown base colour. Add a black leather piece to the haircut to make the look more relaxed and fitting for everyday nomad life.

Commenting on INDOLA’s latest Street Style Collection, INDOLA’s Global Ambassador Andy Smith says, “The Feathered Pixie is a distorted version of the Jean Seberg crop. Here I worked on a cropped haircut with a tight fringe, with some disconnected areas throughout just to add a little bit of softness so it’s a bit more commercial. To then ensure that the look is not too strong, I added softer pieces to add a touch of femininity. The Disruptive Red was a great looks to create as I love working with angles and shapes in afro hair.  The cut was based around a 45-degree graduation to really build up a strong baseline and perimeter, I then free handed in the fringe and worked with the natural curls to give it a cool shape. On this look we did 2 styles, one which was quite flat on top and wide to show off the graduation and the other which was then more broken and pulled up to give it a more rounding feeling.”

To see more from the looks visit SSC A/W 22 – Indola

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