A Truly Inspirational Event


Inspire! 2016 lived up to its name. A hairdressing fest. Cutting, colour and hair up from the best in our industry on stage delighted the audience, shopping with great deals in the exhibition topped with delicious food. Worthy Award winners. Thanks to everyone who helped make it a fantastic day. Thanks for all the wonderful comments and we’ll let a few of the members tell you how it was.

Juliette Clark

“What an amazing weekend and great start Saturday evening, catching up with familiar and new members.
‘Inspire’ was just superb, an inspiration of such talent, certainly the best in the industry. Didn’t they treat us well. Very much looking forward to using the products and equipment we were given, getting the confidence of their benefits and features for my future purchases of stock.”

Louise Fenton

“Had an amazing time at Hellidon for Inspire! Thanks everyone.I’m shattered and am off to bed early tonight. I think my brain is full from all I took in? my fave as always was Patrick but was very impressed with Saks’ demo’s too (thinking of cutting myself a ‘grown out fringe’ after watching that!). Oh and the diet will need to restart tomorrow? “

Sarah Dawes

“The Inspire! event was the best day of my career (32 years). I came away with new cutting, colour and long hair ideas from the genius Patrick Cameron, the inspiring Alan Edwards and the entertaining Saks art team (it was my first time seeing this Saks team). Truly truly loved this day and our wonderful industry. Thank you for such a great value for money wonderful day. All the lovely members I talked to were fab too. They told me to get on staff room chat, so I did!!”

Inspire! 2017 all set for another inspiring event on Sunday 11th June 2017.

Click here for details and tickets.

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