Season’s Sensation 2017 Report

Another fantastic event! The Matrix team introduced us to their product range and in the afternoon we had the chance to experience the products. The team were on hand with beautifully cut and coloured dolly heads to check out and discuss colours used and cutting techniques. We had long haired demos going on and the opportunity to feel, smell and play with styling products. Carolyn Newman introduced herself and unveiled the fabulous courses she has planned for you. Michael Purcell has won the HJ British Hairdressing Business Awards 2017 for Innovation of the Year for his Prism Pot, a clever idea to help when applying tint. Michael is a former FHA member – now salon owner and the FHA is extremely proud of him. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all and as Juliette Clarke told us:

“Had a brilliant time on Sunday at Season Sensation, as always, great to meet up with new and familiar faces. I have not stopped thinking about all the different things we were told and shown. Carolyn Newman was inspirational and shared so much useful information and experiences.

Matrix, were just fab. It was a treat to be so entertained, looked after and spoilt by them. I felt valued as a freelancer and will be buying and using a lot more of their products, as well as taking advantage of their training opportunities online and at my local wholesaler.

Just opened up my luxurious goody bag of perfect products to enhance my business. I will be trialling the BondUltim8 and the Biolage Re-Hydrate mask as a complimentary addition for my January clients…hopefully they will want to add it for future services! T H A N K Y O U Sheila Abrahams xx”

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