FHA Skill Sharing Workshops

Build your confidence and reach your potential by expanding your knowledge with our skills-sharing workshops. Your tutors will be fellow freelancers with training experience.

These workshops are designed to help members grow, boost and gain confidence as well as updating or adding new skills. Learn within these small intimate workshops (between 4-8 members). These are your stepping stones towards the next step in your training journey.

If you are interested let us know the workshop you are interested in and your area and we will try to accommodate you.

All courses cost £75 and need a minimum of 4 people to ensure they run.

Business Courses

Setting Up or Refreshing A Freelance Business With Sheila Abrahams
Social Media Marketing, Managing and Business with Sharon Edmonds

Specialist Workshops

Hair Extensions Intro Workshop With Nikita.
Big Blow-Dry Workshop With Tina Heath

Foundation Hair-Up Styling Workshops With Kate Lovelace

Back to Basics “Foundation Workshop” with Kate Lovelace
Back to Basics “Ponytail” Workshop with Kate Lovelace
Back to Basics “Classics” Workshop with Kate Lovelace
Back to Basics “Curling” Workshop with Kate Lovelace

Bridal Styling Master-Classes With Sharon Roberts

Bridal Hair Styling Master-class Workshop with Sharon Roberts
Bridal Business Advice and Management with Sharon Roberts
Master it with Bridal Business and Bridal Styling combo with Sharon Roberts

Make-Up Workshops With Kate Lovelace

Perfect Beauty Master-class Workshop with Kate Lovelace
Bridal and Special Occasion Make-up Workshop with Kate Lovelace
“Glow” & “Red Lip” Workshop with Kate Lovelace

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